Overflow Gratings Corner : Gr-90-02

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    • Made of high quality, UV resistant materials.
    • Modular grating for curves.
    • The individual gratings are joined forming a continuous flexible run.
    • 1m = 45 pcs


    • 45o and 90o angles made of polyester and Fiberglass


    • Designed for Olympic pools.
    • Molded from engineering plastics.
    • Designed for ease of installation and maximum flexibility.
    • A vailable in a standard width of 250, 300, 350mm. can be cut to custom sizes at request.


    • Designed for Olympic pools.
    • Molded from engineering plastics.
    • Features elements which run parallel to the pool edge.
    • Designed for ease of installation, safety, and maximum flexibility.
    • Available in a 3 size width of 250, 300 or 350mm.


    • Made in plastic.
    • Suitable for 22, 24 and 35 mm high grating.
    • Supplied in 2 m length.
    • Inside measurement 24 x 37 mm.


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